Iva Ouhrabková

Artist, licensed Arte therapist, member of the Czech Arte Therapeutic association, member of The Association of Fine Artists of the Czech Republic and the Internation Academy of Ceramics.
I offer intensive courses, group and individual Arte therapy courses and sessions. In my work I am using projective collage of Miroslav Huptych and other imaginative techniques. Recently I have been using a unique technique inspired with work in the clay field and Arte therapy in pairs
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Kdo je Iva Ouhrabková?
Who is Iva Ouhrabková?

Co vám mohu nabídnout.
What can I offer.

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  • Sculpturist

    Sculpturist, potter and fashion designer, who originally studied Machine engineering at the Technical university of Liberec and further worked as an assistant at the faculty of fashion and textile design at VŠST and later as a scenographer at the F. X Saldy Theatre in Liberec. Now she’s devoted to fine arts and she holds a […]

  • Arte therapist

    Graduate of a 5 year long course in psychodynamics and depth oriented psychotherapy SUR with arte therapeutic orientation, 2 year long accredited course for artefiletics and art therapy and further courses devoted to art therapy. Licence holder for work with artistic projection collage of Miroslav Huptych. member of Czech fine arts Association, International Academy of […]

  • Interior designer

    Specialized in interior design in public spaces, hospital, schools, children institutions, one of the latest one’s for example and intensive care unit, delivery room and children ward in the Liberec local hospital and a local diagnostic institution.


Moje poslední práce. My latest works

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Co se děje nového?
What's new?

Nová díla a výstavy.
New works and exhibitions.

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  • AHA CARDS Workshop 2018

    I would like to introduce myself. My name is Iva Ouhrabková, I´m an artist, I make sculptures from clay and glass. For 15 years I have worked as an art therapist. Last 5 years I have taken up biosyntheses and the work with a body. Now, I combine these techniques and I created AHA cards. I was also inspired by intuitive dance. I need […]

  • AHA CARDS Workshop Summer 2018


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