AHA CARDS Workshop 2018

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Iva Ouhrabková, I´m an artist, I make sculptures from clay and glass. For 15 years I have worked as an art therapist. Last 5 years I have taken up biosyntheses and the work with a body.

Now, I combine these techniques and I created AHA cards. I was also inspired by intuitive dance. I need to say that these cards are not diagnostic cards. The name of the cards is AHA cards. In Czech we say ´aha´when we wonder about something. And for me art, body and movement is one big wonder. It is one big AHA. They help me to  connect art with the body and body with the art. The AHA cards are abstract and very open. There are many ways how to use them. Because of the time I chose a quick creative sample. Let´s start with the work.

At this workshop I will show you how I use these cards and