AHA CARDS Workshop Summer 2018


In May I am travelling to Barcelona, where I am taking part on an International Congress of Biosynthesis where I am going to reveal my AHACARDS. These cards have been created during my 5-year long study of Biosynthesis and are inspired by meditative dance called Buto. By blending Artetherapy and Biosynthesis a set of 160 double-sided cards has been created which serves as a projection technique for work with the body. In Barcelona a workshop will be taking place with the aforementioned set of cards, the AHACARDS.

I would love to present this set during the summer workshops. There will be an opportunity to get familiar with the cards and learn how to use them. A deck of cards and a license to use the cards will be granted to the participants.

When and Where

Date 1: 3rd – 5th August 2018

Date 2: 17th -19th August 2018

  • More details will be added.

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