Iva Ouhrabková

Iva Ouhrabková

Country of Residence: Liberec, Czech Republic

Personal information

Iva Ouhrabková studied at University of machines  and textile in Liberec, department of glass- making and ceramic machines, Pedagogical faculty in Liberec and Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, department of stage design with Professor Pavel Kalfus. She has been dedicating herself to ceramic since 1983. Mrs. Ouhrabková worked at the F.X. Šalda’s  theatre  in Liberec  for eight years, she was a lecturer at the University of machines and textile in Liberec ( a department of clothing and textile design) from 1993 till 1996. At the present days she lives and works in Liberec. Membership: 1995 Union of creative artists, 1998 Association of creative artists- ceramists.

Ceramics of Iva Ouhrabková is remarkable. When meeting it, one has an impression of unity and pure style, simple exactness. Only when we observe it more carefully, we find a lot of, at first hidden contrasts. The most striking are the themes: playful, full of fantasy, childly free, often treated joke fully. But besides all this, we can also find a search for principals, deep and archetypes. The way of treatment raises another contrast: even the closed shapes are often rising from open walls, what seems to be a passive objects can be clanged or moved, static objects gain a dynamism when placed well in a space. The greatest contrast is (except for the volume and shape) mediated by touch. When touched, sort,  fragile, and round shapes, sea waves and various stones made of fireclay are rough and harsh.

Professional training

  • Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts Prague, department of stage design with Professor Pavel Kalfus
  • University of machine and textile Liberec, department of glass making and ceramics machines


  • Association of Czech Ceramists
  • IAC International Academy of ceramics in Geneva

Separate Exhibitions

  • “Dílo” Gallery, Ústí nad Labem (1990)
  • Northern-bohemian Museum, Liberec (1993)
  • “Gong” Gallery in Pardubice (1994)
  • “Hůlka” Gallery, Liberec (1996)
  • Small exhibition hall, Liberec (1998)
  • Northern-bohemian Museum, Liberec (1999)
  • “Gambit” Gallery, Prague (2003)
  • “XXL” Gallery, Litoměřice (2004)
  • Regional Gallery, Liberec (2004)
  • Museum and Jizera region Gallery, Semily (2005)
  • Towards the inside, City Museum Semily (2005)
  • Sculptures and drawings, Malá Skála Gallery (2006)
  • My way to jewellery, boutique “Original fashion“, Prague (2012)
  • On the path of creative freedom, Southern- Bohemian Galerry „Alšova“, Museum of Ceramics, Bechyně (2012)
    “Jan Svatoš“ Gallery, Kostelec nad Černými lesy (2012)
  • Fragile relationships, “Hofman“ Gallery, Soláň (2013)
  • My landscapes and spirits, photography and crayon, “Lidové Sady“ Liberec (2014)

Participation in Exhibition

  • Bolzano, Italy (1992)
  • OFFA, Sant Gallen, Switzerland (1993)
  • Prague Quadrienalle, Prague (1995)
  • Church in Andělska Hora (1997)
  • Small exhibition hall, Liberec (1998)
  • Statue in exterior, Chomutov (1999)
  • Kunstbahnhof Herrnhut, Germany (2000)
  • Boleslawiec museum, Poland (2002)
  • Wroclaw museum, Poland (2002)
  • Chopin house Atrium, Marianské Lázně (2002)
  • Summer sculpture, Bechyně (2002-2005)
  • Museum of Decorative Arts in Praze (2005)
  • Slovak Museum and Gallery, Slovakia (2006)
  • Augsburg, Germany (2006)
  • Center-bohemian museum in Roztoky at Prague (2006, 2007)
  • Summer sculpture, Roztoky u Prahy (2010)
  • Deset galery, Prague (2010)
  • Ceramicsmuseum, Gmunden (Austria) (2010)
  • IAC Members’ exhibition Musée national de Ceramigue, Sévres, Paris (France) (2010)
  • Le Centre de la Céramique de Giroussens (France) (2011)
  • 9. Summer Ceramic Sculpture, Klenová at Klatovy (2011)
  • Boundary- stone, City museum, Dvůr Králové nad Labem (2012)
  • Sculpture and Space, Regional museum Kolín (2012)
  • IAC Members’ exhibition, New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe (USA) (2012)
  • 22. Summer Ceramic Sculpture, Center-Bohemian Museum, Roztoky at Prague (2015)
  • 10. Sculpture and Space, Regional museum Kolín (2015)


  • III. sculpture symp., Kadaň (1997)
  • 37. International ceramic symp., Boleslawiec, Poland (2001)
  • Painting symp., Zloty Stok, Poland (2001)
  • 14. International symp., Panevežys, Lithuania (2002)
  • 14. International ceramic symp., Kalinovo, Slovakia (2006)
  • Ceramic symposium Gmunden (2008)

Public work / Projects:

  • Botanical Garden, Liberec
  • School and boarding house for aurally handicapped
  • Youth Boarding house, Liberec
  • Resurrection Chappel, Vratislavice nad Nisou
  • Maternity department of hospital, Liberec
  • Pediatric department of hospital, Liberec
  • Early age care department, Liberec
  • Realization of stages and costumes in theatres of Czech Rep.